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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Dear Coffee Connoisseur, Congratulations on purchasing this fully automatic coffee machine from Siemens. This instruction manual describes a number of versions of the appliance with minor differences. Please also take note of the enclosed Quick reference guide, which you can then keep in the specially provided compartment 16 until you need it again. How to use these instructions: You can open up the front cover of this instruction manual to see illustrations of the appliance with each part numbered. [. . . ] Use I to select a new or existing Profile and confirm with B Touch the desired beverage and confirm with B. Your selection for the beverage settings Appears on the display depending on the beverage, e. Set cup size Set up the volume dispensed for each drink and each size of cup. Use I to choose the desired volume And touch B to confirm your choice. Use I to choose the desired water Hardness and touch B to confirm your choice. FFIt is important to set the water hardness correctly, so that the appliance indicates accurately when the d escaling programme should be run. You can check the water hardness using the enclosed test strip or by asking your local water supplier. If a water softening system is installed in the house, please select the Softening system setting. Briefly dip the test strip in the water and Check the result after one minute. Automatic shut-down Setting how long the appliance should wait after the last drink was prepared before it automatically switches itself off. Use I to choose the desired interval And touch B to confirm your choice. Coffee temperature Specifying the temperature for coffee drinks and hot water. Use I to choose the desired temper- Ature level and touch B to confirm your choice. Water filter Specifying whether a water filter should be activated or whether no filter is used. Water filters are available from retail outlets or from customer services (see the section "Accessories"). FFImportant: Before you can use a new water filter it will need to be rinsed. Use the measuring spoon 8 to press the water filter firmly into the water tank 5. Connect the milk tube 4c to the milk system 4b and the suction pipe 4d. Rinsing the filter simultaneously activates the setting for displaying the message "Please change water filter". When this message appears, or at the latest after two months, the filter will no longer be effective. It needs to be replaced for reasons of hygiene and to prevent a build-up of limescale (which could damage the appliance). If you do not intend to insert a new filter, select the setting No filter and touch B to confirm. [. . . ] The grinding setting is not Adjust the grinding unit to a finer Coffee is too "acidic". The grinding setting is too Adjust the grinding unit to a finer Coarse or the pre-ground setting or use finer pre-ground Coffee is too coarse. The grinding setting is too fine or the pre-ground coffee is too fine. Adjust the grinding unit to a coarser setting or use coarser pre-ground coffee. [. . . ]


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