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[. . . ] inappropriate use can lead to personal injury and damage to property. To avoid the risk of damage read this manual carefully before using your fridge freezer for the first time. It contains important safety information on the installation, safety, use and maintenance of your Fridge Freezer. WARNING: Keep the ventilation openings of the Fridge clear from obstruction. [. . . ] Make the inverse of the same operation for the resetting the sliding compartment. After the water completely turned into ice, you can twist the tray as shown below to get the ice cube. Chiller shelf (In some models) Keeping food in the chiller compartment instead of the freezer or refrigerator compartment allows food retain freshness and flavour longer while preserving its fresh appearance. (Water freezes at 0 °C, but foods containing salt or sugar require lowered temperatures to freeze) Normally people use the chiller compartment for raw fish, rice, etc. Do not put foods you want to freeze or ice trays in order to make ice. After the chiller shelf has been removed, it can support a maximum 16 kg load. Humidity Controller (In some models) When the humidity controller is in the closed position, it allows fresh fruit and vegetables to be stored for a longer time. In the event the crisper is full, the fresh dial that is located in front of the crisper, should be opened. By means of this, the air in the crisper and humidity rate will be controlled and the shelf life will be extended. If you see any condensation on the glass shelf, the humidity control should be placed into the open positions. Bottle holder (In some models) In order to prevent the bottles to slip or fall over you can use the bottle holder. You can also prevent making noise that will be done when you open or close the door. Adapti-Lift Door Shelf (In some models) Six different height adjustments can be made to provide storage areas that you need by Adapti-Lift. To change the position of Adapti-Lift ; Hold the bottom of the shelf and pull the buttons on the side of the door shelf direction of arrow (Fig. After you get the position that you want the door shelf, release the buttons on the side of the door shelf (Fig. 2) Before releasing the door shelf, move up down and make sure the door shelf is fixed Note: Before moving door shelf is loaded, you must hold the shelf by supporting the bottom. Visual and text descriptions on the accessories section may vary according which model you have. You can wipe the inner and outer sides with a soft cloth or a sponge using warm and soapy water. Never use flammable, explosive or corrosive material like thinner, gas, acid for cleaning. You should clean the condenser with broom at least once a year in order to provide energy saving and increase the productivity. The water formed as a result of defrosting passes through the water collection spout, flows into the vaporization container behind your refrigerator and evaporates by itself in there. evaporating tray Replacing LED Lighting If your fridge freezer has LED lighting contact the Sharp help desk as this should be changed by authorized personnel only. [. . . ] En sådan anvendelse vil medføre, at garantien for apparatet bortfalder, og vores virksomhed vil ikke være ansvarlig for tab, der vil opstå. Fryserens indledende temperatur på -18 °C vises på indikatoren for justering af fryseren, mens køleskabets indledende temperatur på +4 °C vises på indikatoren for justering af køleskabet. Når superfrystilstanden er valgt, tændes indikatorens symbol for superfrys og maskinen bipper for at bekræfte, at tilstanden er slået til. Vi anbefaler, at køleskabet ikke bruges uden for de angivne temperaturværdigrænser for at sikre en effektiv køling. [. . . ]


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