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[. . . ] Removing and inserting the brew group ____________________________________________________________ A1 Control panel A2 Cup holder A3 Pre-ground coffee compartment A4 Lid of bean hopper A5 Adjustable coffee spout A6 Socket for power cord A10 Service door A11 Data label with type number A12 Water tank A13 Hot water spout A14 Coffee grounds container A15 Front panel of coffee grounds There are multiple versions of this espresso machine, with different control panels. You can find the type number on the data label on the inside of the service door (Fig. You can also find the type number by tapping the Settings icon and selecting 'Support'. Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the display and tap the OK icon to select or confirm your choices. [. . . ] When the machine stops showing the filter activation message, you can still activate an AquaClean water filter, but you will need to descale the machine first. Your machine has to be completely limescale-free before you start using the AquaClean water filter. Before activating the AquaClean water filter, it has to be prepared by soaking it in water as described below. If you don't do this, air might be drawn into the machine instead of water, which makes a lot of noise and prevents the machine from being able to brew coffee. 1 Tap the 'Clean' icon and use the up and down arrows to select 'AquaClean'. 5 Immerse the filter upside down in a jug with cold water and shake/press it (Fig. 6 Insert the filter vertically onto the filter connection in the water tank. Press it down to the lowest 7 Fill the water tank with fresh water and place it back into the machine. 11 Hot water will be dispensed from the hot water spout/milk frother during 1 minute. After 95 liters of water have flowed through the filter, the filter will cease to work. The AquaClean status indicator drops to 0% to remind you to replace the filter. As long as the AquaClean status indicator is shown on the display you can replace the filter without having to descale the machine first. If you do not replace the AquaClean water filter in time, the AquaClean indicator goes out after some time. In that case you can still replace the filter but you first need to descale the machine. When the AquaClean status indicator drops to 0% or when the machine reminds you to replace the AquaClean filter: 1 take out the old AquaClean water filter. 2 install a new filter and activate it as described in chapter 'Activating the AquaClean water filter (5 Replace the AquaClean water filter at least every 3 months, even if the machine does not yet indicate that replacement is required. Under no circumstances should you use a descaler based on sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfamic or acetic acid (vinegar) as this may damage the water circuit in your machine and not dissolve the limescale properly. 1 Touch the clean icon on the user interface and select 'Descaling' in the menu. 4 Remove the drip tray and the coffee grounds container, empty them and put them back into place. 6 Pour the whole bottle of Philips descaler in the water tank and then fill it with water up to the Calc Then place it back into the machine. The descaling procedure is finished when the machine stops dispensing water. 10 Install and activate a new AquaClean water filter in the water tank. [. . . ] - Tryk på ikonet Indstillinger og brug nedpilen, for at vælge funktionen for formalet kaffe. 1 Tryk på rengøringsikonet , og brug pil op og pil ned for at vælge "Brew group clean" (Rengøring af For at forbedre maskinens ydeevne anbefaler vi, at du smører bryggeenheden hver anden måned for at sikre, at de bevægelige dele fortsat kan bevæge sig uhindret. 3 Tryk på rengøringsikonet , og brug pil op og pil ned for at vælge programmet "Quick milk clean" (Hurtig rengøring af mælkeskummer). 4 Tryk på OK-ikonet for at bekræfte, og følg derefter instruktionerne på skærmen for at fjerne mælk, 3 Tryk på rengøringsikonet , og brug pil op og pil ned for at vælge programmet "Quick milk clean" (Hurtig rengøring af mælkeskummer). [. . . ]


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