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[. . . ] * WARNING: Check the oven for any damage, such * Make sure that the power supply code is undama- As misaligned or bent door, damaged door seals ged and does not run under the oven or cover any Ges and latches and dents inside the cavity or on * Do not use the oven outdoors. If there is any damage, do not operate * Check that the voltage on the rating plate corres- The oven and contact qualified service person- ponds to the voltage in your home. * Do not remove the microwave inlet protection * Improper use of the grounding plug can result in a plates located on the side of oven cavity wall. Prevents grease & food particles from entering the Grounding instructions are not completely un- * Ensure the oven cavity is empty before mounting. [. . . ] * Before scrapping, cut off the mains cord so that the appliance cannot be connected to the mains. * Failure to maintain the microwave oven in a clean condition could lead to deterioration of the surface that could adversely affect the life of the appliance and possibly result in a hazardous situation. * Do not use metal scouring pads , abrasive cleansers , steel-wool pads , gritty washcloths , etc. Which can damage the control panel, and the interior and exterior microwave oven surfaces. Use a cloth with a mild detergent or a paper towel with spray glass cleaner. * Use a soft and damp cloth with mild detergent to clean the interior surfaces, front and rear of the door and the door opening. * Do not use steam cleaning appliances when cleaning your microwave oven. * The microwave oven should be cleaned regularly and any food deposits should be removed. * At regular intervals, especially if spill overs have occurred, remove the turntable, the turntable Support and wipe the base of the oven clean. * This microwave oven is designed to operate cooking cycles with a proper container in cavity directly. * This product offers an Easy Clean function, which allows for easy cleaning of the micro- wave cavity. * The Grill element does not need cleaning since the intense heat will burn off any splas- hes. * If the Grill is not used regularly, it should be run for 10 minutes a month to burn off any Splashes, in order to reduce the risk of fire. aCCESSORIES * There are a number of accessories available on the market. * Metallic containers for food and beverages are not allowed during microwave cooking. * Ensure that the utensils you use are microwave oven proof and allow microwaves to pass through them before cooking. * When you put food and accessories in the microwave oven, ensure that they do not come in Contact with the cavity wall of the microwave oven. * This is especially important with accessories made of metal or metal parts. * If accessories containing metal come into contact with the microwave oven interior, while the Microwave oven is in operation, sparking can occur and the microwave oven could be damaged. * For better cooking performance, it is suggested that you need to put the accessories in the middle of the inner cavity. * Below accessories will come with the product, available for the microwave or grill using. Q Easy cook Icon w Defrost Icon e Special Preparation Icon r Easy clean Icon t Microwave power (watt) Icon y Microwave Icon u Grill Icon i Clock/Insert time Icon o Mute Off Icon a Weight (grams) Icon The oven is in Stand-by mode when the clock is displayed (or when the display will show ":", in case the clock has not been set). [. . . ] e Press the Push&Go button to start It needs 5Hr20mins for this recipe. It will taste better if you keep the yogurt in refrigerator for 24hs after cooking. w Press the Push&Go button to confirm The recipe and press the +/- button to select the weight when there is a weight range in the table. When the clock counts down to 30 minutes, the display shows"Add" (no operation for 5 minutes automatically return to standby). [. . . ]


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