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[. . . ] We are confident it will assist you loyally in washing your daily dishes in full safety. Carefully read this manual for correct and safe appliance use and for helpful tips on efficient maintenance. We recommend you always keep this manual to hand and in good condition for any future owner. Please check that the appliance is delivered with this instruction manual, the warranty certificate, the service centre address and the energy efficiency label. [. . . ] ; H) do not sprinkle detergent onto it; L If the dishes are not very dirty or if the baskets are not very full select an ECONOMY programme, following the instructions in the program list. L It should be remembered that not all dishes are suitable for washing in a dishwasher. We advise against using the dishwasher to wash items in thermoplastic, cutlery with wooden or plastic handles, saucepans with wooden handles, items in aluminum, crystal leaded glass unless otherwise stated. It is therefore a good idea before loading the whole batch to wash just one of the items first so as to be sure that others like it will not fade. L It is a good idea not to put silver cutlery with non-stainless steel handles into the dishwasher as there could be a chemical reaction between them. When buying new crockery or cutlery always make sure that they are suitable for washing in a dishwasher. L If you want the dishwasher to give a complete wash, place the dishes in the dishwasher at the end of each meal and if necessary turn on the COLD RINSE cycle L In order to avoid any dripping from the top rack, remove the lower rack first. L If the dishes are to be left in the machine for some time, leave the door ajar, to let some air circulate and to improve the drying performance. 9) l To clean the dishwasher outside, do not Use solvents (degreasing action) neither abrasives, but only a cloth soaked with water. When you have finished, refit the rotor arms in the same position, remembering to re-align the arrow and screw into position. L The dishwasher does not require special maintenance, because the tank is selfcleaning. L Regularly wipe the door gasket with a damp cloth to remove any food remains or rinse aid. l Dishwasher cleaning is recommended , in order to remove limestone deposits or dirt. We suggest you run a washing cycle periodically with specialist dishwasher cleaning products. L Both the door lining and the tank lining are in stainless steel; however, should spots caused by oxidation occur, this is probably due to a high level of iron salts presents in the water. L The spots can be removed with a mild abrasive agent; never use chlorine based materials, steel wool, etc. L If, in spite of the routine cleaning of the filters, you notice that the dishes or pans are not properly washed or rinsed, check that all the spray heads on the rotor arms (fig. If they are blocked, clean them in the 7) to remove the upper rotor arm, turn it Until it lines up with the stop marked by It repeat the same operation, but turn Can be removed simply by pulling it WHEN CYCLE IS FINISHED. After every wash it is essential to turn off 8) wash the rotor arms under a jet of water water supply and to switch off the machine To clear any blockage in the spray by pressing the On/Off button to the off If the machine is not going to be used for some time, it is advisable to follow these rules: 15. Do an empty wash with detergent in Order to clean the machine of any deposits; 16. If the machine is left in places where the temperature is below 0°C any water left inside the pipes may freeze. Wait until the temperature rises above zero and then wait for about 24 hours before. [. . . ] In this case, turn the dishwasher off by pressing the "ON/OFF" button. After checking to make sure the water supply is open, that the drain pipe is not bent and that the siphon or filters are not clogged, set the selected program again. This dishwasher is equipped with an overflow safety device that, in the event of a problem, automatically discharges any excess water. To ensure the correct operation of the overflow safety device, we recommend not moving or tilting the dishwasher during operation. [. . . ]


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