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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] We are proud to offer the ideal product for you and the best complete range of home appliances for your daily routine. Carefully read this manual for correct and safe appliance use and for helpful tips on efficient maintenance. Only use the washing machine after carefully reading these instructions. We recommend you always keep this manual on hand and in good condition for any future owners. [. . . ] L This option allows you to choose between 3 levels of wash intensity modifying the length of the programme, depending on how much the fabrics are soiled (can only be used on some programmes as shown in the table of programmes). L It is advisable to also use this function for the children clothes and for the washing of heavily soiled items, which requires a lot of detergent to be used, or for the washing of toweling items whose fibres mostly have the tendency to hold the detergent. This option allows deep cleaning of your clothes by maintaining the same temperature for the whole wash. L This button allows you to change the temperature of the wash cycles. L It is not possible to raise the temperature over the maximum allowed for the programme, in order to protect the fabrics. L By pressing this button, it is possible to reduce the maximum speed, and if you wish, the spin cycle can be cancelled. L If the label does not indicate specific information, it is possible to use the maximum spin expected in the program. L The key lock can be simply cancelled by pressing the two buttons simultaneously again or turning off the appliance. digital Display The display's indicator system allows you to be constantly informed about the status of the machine. To prevent damage to the fabrics, it is not possible to increase the speed over the maximum allowed for the programme. L To reactivate the spin cycle press the button until you reach the spin speed you would like to set. L It is possible to modify the spin speed without pausing the machine. If the appliance detects the presence of excessive foam, it may exclude the spinning phase or extend the duration of the program and increase water consumption. The machine is fitted with a special electronic device, which prevents the spin cycle should the load be unbalanced. This reduces the noise and vibration in the machine and so prolongs the life of your machine. kEY LOCK L Pressing simultaneously the buttons TEMPERATURE SELECTION and SPIN SPEED for about 3 seconds, the machine allows you to lock the keys. In this way, you can avoid making accidental or unwanted changes if a button on the display is pressed accidently during a cycle. The indicator lights show the options that can be selected by the relevant button. 2) CYCLE DURATION L When a programme is selected the display automatically shows the cycle duration, which can vary, depending on the options selected. L During the initial filling phase of the cycle the machine calculates the actual cycle time needed based on the load size, content and options selected. This time can recaulculate during the wash depending on detergent levels and load balancing. 3) DOOR LOCKED INDICATOR LIGHT L The indicator light is illuminated when the door is fully closed. [. . . ] If the error occurs again contact an Authorised Customer Service Centre directly. Water leaked on the floor near the washing machine The washing machine does not spin Strong vibrations / noises are heard during the spin cycle Make sure the product is plugged into a working supply socket. Make sure the wall socket is working, testing it with another appliance such as a lamp. Check whether the required program was correctly selected and the start button pressed. [. . . ]


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