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[. . . ] Disconnect the appliance from the mains as soon as a fault is detected. Any repairs, such asreplacing a damaged power cable, may only be carried out by our Customer Services team in order to avoid potential danger. The T DISC, the piercing unit and the beverage outlet may be very hot immediately after brewing. After the use the heating element surfaces can be subjected to residual heat. [. . . ] The appliance was not Check that the appliance is plugged into the plugged in when the power supply before inserting the T DISC. The piercing unit and/or the T DISC support have not been correctly inserted. Press the piercing unit into its holder using both thumbs and check the position of the T DISC support. Place the T DISC with the printed side facing downwards so that the tab is resting in the intended slot. The brewing unit is not Clean the brewing unit with a soft, damp cloth, Paying particular attention to the lid area. Only open the brewing unit when the status display Y has stopped flashing and remains lit continuously. Fill water tank R lights up even though there is enough water in the water tank. Fill water tank R and Descale Q are flashing simulta neously and it is not possible to prepare drinks. Descale Q lights up or starts flashing even though decalcified water has been used. The T DISC has not Wait until the brewing stage has come to Remove the T DISC and clean the b rewing unit. Press the piercing unit into its holder using both thumbs (until an audible click is heard). The T DISC bar code provides the recommended volume for every beverage selected. Condensation may appear and is not caused by any fault with the appliance. Use the drink size buttons (N­N­O) to set your individual drink volume before you begin brewing. Reduced quantity: During the brewing process, press the Start/Stop button to interrupt this stage. Increased quantity: Press and hold the Start/Stop button until the required beverage quantity has been reached. Build-up of limescale in the appliance could cause reduced quantity. The following accessories can be obtained via Bosch customer service, www. Com (see the end of this instruction manual for contact details): Orange Service T DISC (item no. Not all the settings (drink intensity n, Drink temperature Z or drink size N) are available. Press and hold the "Start" button of the indicator for at least 5 seconds. If the cartridge replacement indicator still does not work, please contact the TASSIMO careline. [. . . ] Before using the machine again, take out the cartridge, clean the water tank and funnel thoroughly, and flush the cartridge as described in the TASSIMO by Bosch instructions for use. Like each natural product, the consistency of the BRITA MAXTRA+ Micro Carbon Pearls is subject to natural variances. This can lead to a slight abrasion of small carbon particles into your filtered water, noticeable as black bits. In case you observe carbon particles, BRITA recommends to flush the cartridge several times or until the black bits disappear. [. . . ]


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