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[. . . ] Make sure no cable of any fixed or moving appliance contacts with the glass or the hot saucepan. Magnetically objects (credit cards, floppy disks, calculators) should not be placed near to the engaged appliance. In case of untimely engaging or residual heat, this one may heat, melt or even burn. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. [. . . ] In this case it is impossible to increase the power and the display shows [ U ].  If the pan is removed from the heating zone the operation is stopped. The symbol [ U ] disappears when the pan is put back to the heating zone. Residual heat indication After the switch off of a heating zone or the complete stop of the hob, the heating zones are still hot and indicates [ H ] on the display. The symbol [ H ] disapears when the heating zones may be touched without danger. As far as the residual heat indicators are on light, don’t touch the heating zones and don’t put any heat sensitive object on them . Timer The timer is able to be used simultaneous with all heating zones and this with different time settings (from 0 to 99 minutes) for each heating zone. [ 9 ] [ P ] To select « Timer » Press on key [ ] The timer displays [ 00 ] Decrease the time Press on key [ - ] [ 60 ] wents to 59, 58, 57, …… Press on key [ ] The time increases… Increase the time After a few seconds the control light stops with blinking. The time is confirmed and the cooking starts until the time reaches [ 00 ].  To stop the cooking time Action Control panel Press on key [ + ] To select a heating zone To select « Timer » Press on key [ ] To stop the « Timer » Press on key [ - ] and [ simultaneously If several timers are activated repeat the process. 20 Display The zone control light is on The remaining time Displays [ 00 ] then stops ]  Automatic stop at the end of the cooking time As soon as the selected cooking time is finished the timer displays blinking [00] and a sound rings.  Egg timer function Action Activate the hob Select« Timer » Decrease the time Increase the time Control panel Press on key [ I ] Press on key [ ] Press on key [ - ] Press on key [ ] Display The zone control lights are on Time [ 00 ] minutes [ 60 ] wents to 59, 58, 57, …… The time increases… After a few seconds the control light stops with blinking. As soon as the selected cooking time is finished the timer displays blinking [00] and a sound rings. Automatic cooking “go and stop” All the cooking zones are equipped with an automatic “go and stop” cooking device. The cooking zone starts at full power during a certain time, then reduces automatically its power on the preselected level.  Start-up : Control panel Press on key [ + ] Press on key [ + ] Press on key [ + ] Press on key [ - ] Display [ 0 ] and control light on [ 1 ] …… to……. [ 1 ] [ 7 ] is blinking with [ A ] Action Zone selection Full power setting Automatic cooking Power level selection (for example « 7 »)  Switching off the automatic cooking : Control panel Press on key [ - ] Press on key [ + ] Display [ 9 ] [ 8 ] [ 7 ]……. [ 0 ] Level selected Action Zone selection Power level selection Control panel locking To avoid modifying a setting of cooking zones , in particular with within the framework of cleaning the control panel can be locked (with exception to the On/Off key [ 0/I ]).  Locking : Control panel Press on key [ I ] Touch simultaneously [ - ] and [ + ] at front left Press on key [ + ] Display [ 0 ] or [ H ] on 3 displays No modification [ L ] on 3 displays Action Start Hob locking  Unlocking : Display [ L ] on 3 displays Control panel Action Start Press on key [ I ] In the 5 seconds after start : Unlocking the hob Touch simultaneously [ - ] and [ + ] at front left Press on key [ - ] 21 [ 0 ] or [ H ] on 3 displays No light on the displays COOKING ADVICES Pan quality Adapted materials: steel, enamelled steel, cast iron, ferromagnetique stainless-steel, aluminium with ferromagnetique bottom. Not adapted materials: aluminium and stainless-steel without ferromagnetique bottom, cupper, brass, glass, ceramic, porcelain. to check if pans are compatibles :  Put a little water in a pan placed on an induction heating zone set at level [ 9 ]. Certain pans can make noise when they are placed on an induction cooking zone. [. . . ] The connection to the main must be made using an earthed plug or via an omnipolar circuit breaking device with a contact opening of at least 3 mm. The electrical circuit must be separated from the network by adapted devices, for example : circuit breakers, fuses or contactors. The connection box is located underneath at the back of the hob casing. 5 mm² Cable Protection calibre H 05 RR 25 A * H 05 RR 16 A * ( * ) calculated with the simultaneous factor following standard TN 60 335-2-6/1990 Connection of the hob Setting up the configurations: For the various kinds of connection, use the brass bridges which are in the box next the terminal Monophase 230V~1P+N Put the 1st bridge between terminal 2 and 3, the 2nd between 4 and 5. [. . . ]


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