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[. . . ] How to install your AEG Induction Hob - Worktop installation How to install your AEG Induction Hob - Worktop installation How to install your AEG Induction Hob - Worktop installation Sørg for at have følgende data tilgængelig, når du kontakter service: Model, PNC, Serienummer. How to install your AEG Induction Hob - Worktop installation Display for varmetrin Kogezoneindikatorer for timer Timerdisplay Hob²Hood Tryk på i 1 sekund for at tænde eller slukke for kogesektionen. Sluk og tænd igen for kogesektionen for at aktivere funktionens automatiske betjening. For induktionskogezoner skaber et stærkt elektromagnetisk felt hurtigt varme i kogegrejet. [. . . ] 4 OptiHeat Control (3 step Residual heat indicator) The indicators show the level of the residual heat for the cooking zones you are currently The indicators may also come on for the neighbouring cooking zones even if you are not using them. The induction cooking zones produce the heat necessary for the cooking process directly in the bottom of the cookware. The function deactivates the hob automatically if: You do not set the heat setting after you activate the hob , · You spill something or put something on The control panel for more than 10 seconds (a pan, a cloth, etc. Comes on and the cooking zone deactivates automatically after 2 minutes. The relation between the heat setting and the time after which the hob deactivates: The hob deactivates after 6 hours 5 hours 4 hours 1. Touch the control bar at the correct heat setting or move your finger along the control bar until you reach the correct heat setting. Activate this function to get a desired heat setting in a shorter time. When it is on, the zone operates on the highest setting in the beginning and then continues to cook at the desired heating setting. Minute Minder You can use this function when the hob is activated and the cooking zones do not operate. To activate the function: touch and then touch or of the timer to set the time. This function sets all cooking zones that operate to the lowest heat setting. When the function operates, all other symbols on the control panels are locked. To override the function for only one cooking time: activate the hob with . - the sounds are on To confirm your selection wait until the hob deactivates automatically. When the function is set to you can hear the sounds only when: Count Down Timer comes down · You put something on the control panel. Cooking zones are grouped according to the location and number of the phases in the hob. The function divides the power between cooking zones connected to the same phase. The function activates when the total electricity loading of the cooking zones connected to a single phase exceeds 3700 W. The function decreases the power to the other cooking zones connected to the same phase. The heat setting display of the reduced zones alternates between the chosen heat setting and the reduced heat setting. After some time the heat setting display of the reduced zones stays on the reduced heat setting. It is an advanced automatic function which connects the hob to a special hood. [. . . ] If you cannot find a solution to the problem yourself, contact your dealer or an Authorised Service Centre. Give also three digit letter code for the glass ceramic (it is in the corner of the glass surface) and an error Make sure, you operated the hob correctly. If not the servicing by a service technician or dealer will not be free of charge, also during the warranty period. The instructions about the Service Centre and conditions of guarantee are in the guarantee booklet. [. . . ]


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